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Helpful Links For PEI Seniors (National/International)

Provided as a public service by Mapleridge Studio

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance  health

Mesothelioma – Visit the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance for comprehensive information about asbestos cancer. Learn more about causes, symptoms, and treatment options for this disease.

Seniors Health Channel  health

A wide variety of articles concerning the health of seniors. Updated frequently so this site is quite current in its information.

Alzheimer Society of Canada  health

A wealth of information about Alzheimer’s disease, including what to do, how to get help 10 warnings signs, myths of Alzheimer’s disease, common questions and much more.

Anxiety Depression Health  health

A public service website containing self-test questionnaires, information about the causes of anxiety and depression, treatments and relapse prevention strategies as well as new coping skills.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America  health

Facts and statistics on a wide variety of forms of anxiety and depression along with recommendations for finding help, living and thriving and taking action.

Drug Interactions  health

– Drugwatch.com is a comprehensive Web site featuring extensive information about medications, drug interactions, and drug side effects. (U.S. Based Website)

Please note: There are important differences in drug availability and regulation between different countries.These should be taken into account when viewing non-Canadian websites. For example, a drug recall in one country may not apply in another, or a drug approved for use in one country may not be approved in another.Also, information obtained from any website should not be a substitute for informed medical advice.The best source of information is a medical professional such as a pharmacist or doctor. Caution is advised.

Health Canada Healthy Living for Seniors Site  health

Health Canada’s “Just For You” pages for seniors. Provides information designed to promote healthy living for seniors on topics such as abuse and self neglect, medication, mental health, oral health, safety, etc.

Public Health Agency of Canada – Seniors Injury Prevention  health

Information on injury prevention for seniors with provisions for ordering information, guides, factsheets, posters and a CD. The site also has various links to topics that would be of interest to seniors or those assisting seniors such as ‘Aging & Seniors.

Canada Benefits  benefits

Information about Federal Government benefits for seniors.

Canadian Virtual Hospice/Portail Canadien en Soins Palliatifs  services

The Canadian Virtual Hospice provides support and personalized information about palliative and end-of-life care, loss and bereavement to patients, family members, health care providers, researchers and educators.


New Horizons for Seniors  services

Information on funding support for projects assisting seniors.

Public Pensions and Retirement (CPP and OAS)  services

Services Canada information for seniors about the Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security and various government services for seniors.

Seniors Canada  services

A Federal Government website dedicated to providing information for Canadian Seniors. Included are sections on information and services, government news releases, information for caregivers, access to government forms and publications, among others.

Canadian Pensioners Concerned (Ontario Organization)  community

An organization dedicated to presenting senior’s viewpoints on a wide variety of social issues concerning seniors. Although based in Ontario, many of the issues are of concern to seniors across the country.

Canadian Senior Years  community

Provides a variety of activities and information from across Canada for seniors, including fun, games, discussion/chat, many links from books to travel, and daily news on specific topics.

How to Find Activities for Seniors  community

A ‘How To’ Blog on finding and creating activities for seniors with links to similar articles such as ‘How to Make Friends as a Senior Citizen’ or even ‘How to Give a Senior Table Massage’. (U.S. Based Website)

Seniors Circuit  community.gif

Seniors Circuit is an online community for Canadian seniors with free membership. Their stated goal is “to bring seniors together in a fun and interactive environment. The beauty of an online community is that it can bring together people from all over Canada.”

Protect Yourself Against Fraud  money

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada website (Government of Canada), with tips about protecting oneself from many types of fraud, including credit card fraud and identity fraud. There are also steps to take if you have been a victim of fraud.


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